Coach’s Report on Friendly in Prague

On the weekend of the 22nd to the 24th of July, thirteen players from the Stuttgart Emus travelled to Prague for a game of 9-a-side footy against the local team.

After a boisterous Friday night tasting the local dark beers (11% alcohol for those brave enough to try), we headed out to the Rugby Club by local transport. The Prague players met us excitedly and were very gracious hosts organising the field, umpires, water and change rooms for us.

Five players on the bench in the beginning

We began the game with 5 on the bench, which initially seemed plenty for a nine-a-side game. However, when Martin came off injured early in the game and with the inclusion of first game players, we realised that we were in for a tough afternoon of footy.
Prague began very strongly, kicking the first two goals of the game. However, the Emus steadied and managed to fight out the first quarter well. We were approximately two goals down at ¼ time. Once again Prague came out hard in the second quarter but we were able to hold our own, with strong performances from Manu, Jake, Matt Book, his Aussie mate Paul, Flo and the borrowed player from Prague, Sam.

Turnaround after halftime

After half time, we managed to organise our team structure a bit better and we attacked strongly throughout the quarter. In fact, in this the premiership quarter we piled the pressure on the younger Prague team and with many good, clean passages of play managed to turnaround our half time deficit to a 16 point lead at the ¾ time break.

“One of the best wins the club has had”

Coach Hansen asked the boys for a big effort at the ¾ time huddle. Even though we had many old legs we managed to fight the game right out to the end and hold onto an 8 point win (thanks to a great goal from the boundary line on the siren by Jake).
It was one of the best wins the club has had. We were strongly challenged throughout the game and came from behind to score a great win. It was a great occasion for the Stuttgart Emus. What was also great is that every player contributed in some way to the victory.

For Stuttgart, we need to use this win as a stepping stone for the rest of the season. We have three very important games ahead. Two against teams below us, which we need to win to show that we belong as the main challengers to Munich for third place. In order for this to happen we need commitment from players to training and to play the away games. The great win and weekend in Prague showed that it is well worth the effort.

Thanks to…

I must mention again the hospitality of Prague. They organised medals for all players, and gave us all free beers at the bar afterwards. They also played the game in great-spirit.

On finishing, I would like to give a special mention to Guy Canino for organising the trip. He spent many hours organising trains, buses and people. He needs to be commended for this as these trips are not possible without someone willing to do the work to organise them. Thanks Guy! Also to Simon for organising the great accommodation, which was right in the heart of the city and he organised a great deal for us.

It was a great weekend for all those who attended, and also provided a great chance for further team bonding.
Now, let’s get ready for Frankfurt!

by Chris Hansen

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