Emus Teamwork Topline in First Season Win

Stuttgart Emus (10-11-71) vs Frankfurt Redbacks (4-3-27)

Esslingen/Weil, 4 May 2013: You don’t necessarily need grand game
plans to win at footy. Sometimes just doing the basics well can be
more than enough: get to the ball first and clear it forward; when
it’s up front, kick it between the two big sticks in the middle. The
first quarter of Stuttgart’s Round 3 home game against Frankfurt added
up to not much more than that. The Emus burst out of the blocks making
their first four scoring shots for the game – all from different
players – count big time. Such first-quarter efficiency was a first
for the Emus, and set the stage for their premier win of the 2013

It was a game played in difficult conditions – constant rain, a heavy
pitch, a slippery ball. It made it hard to orchestrate fancy stuff
around the ruck. Kicking clear early and keeping the ball up the
business end of the park proved to be an effective weapon against the
nature of things.

The forwards and midfielders can certainly be proud of their seven
goals and three behinds at half time. But consider what the Emus
defensive line had achieved: in the whole of the first half they had
allowed the Redbacks just one second-quarter scoring shot, a goal. It
was the Emus stand-tall defensive cordon that was a determining factor
in never giving the Redbacks a sniff of victory in this game.

Frankfurt did turn it on a little in the final quarter, swamping the
Emus for a period of play with three straight goals. But the rally was
too little, too late. Overall, the Emus functioned as a team, each
player becoming more aware of his team-mate’s strengths as the game
progressed. The victory provides a much-needed confidence booster
after two tough losses.

Match Report: Geoff Rodoreda

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