Emus Stilled by Lions Attack

Rheinland Lions (15-18-108) vs Stuttgart Emus (6-4-40)

Cologne, 20 April 2013: A first-half hammering by the Rheinland Lions proved decisive in dashing any hopes the Stuttgart Emus might have had of securing their first win of the AFLG season. A first-quarter Lions blitz of four unanswered goals was followed by a six goal drubbing of the Emus in the second quarter, leaving the home team with an unassailable lead at half time. A better Emus performance in the final two terms was not enough to turn the tables.

Winning the toss gave the Lions a crucial advantage from the start: they were able to kick long with a strong wind at their backs, and kept the ball locked in the Emus defensive lines for almost the entire quarter. With well-directed kicks and superior marking they were able to pile on the points early.

An initially disoriented Emus team found some direction in the second term. Kicking with the wind they scored three goals. But at the other end, the Lions added accuracy to their list of things to do better, landing six goals from seven scoring shots. In the second half of the match, a more tenacious Emus defence was able to hold the the rampaging hosts to five goals. The Lions frontmen were harried enough and forced into kicking 12 second-half behinds. Clearly, the scoreboard damage could have been worse.

The Emus can take heart from good attacking phases and relatively accurate kicking in front of the posts: for two games in a row now the Emus have scored more goals than behinds. Not much comfort, given the final scoreline in each of the first two games, but this is a team that continues to improve. Here’s hoping that the first win of the season won’t be too far around the corner!

Match Report: Geoff Rodoreda

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